Precision Agriculture

Understanding soil performance underpins any crop production strategy, whether it be cereals, veg or forage crops.
With this in mind producers should aim to test their soils every 3-5 years, working their way around the farm sampling a proportion each year so that all fields have been captured by the end of the cycle.
This process allows the farm team to build up a detailed picture of the soil profile across the farm, enabling them to optimise rotations, crop establishment and target inputs throughout the growing season.

Precision soil sampling allows us to consistently collect representative samples from the target fields and by utilising GPS to log the position of our sample points, then these reference points can be tracked and retested over a number of years to assess changes within the soil.

RFE Agriculture provides a precision soil sampling service, including both in-field analysis and comprehensive lab testing of the resulting soil sample to establish the profile of a range of soil properties, such as pH, organic matter, nitrogen and complex mineral analysis.

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